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What Is The Fitsya Lifestyle Challenge?

The Fitsya Lifestyle Challenge is a series of 30-Day challenges that will help you easily lose weight, tone your body, experience new energy, and feel refreshing confidence by following just 7 simple healthy habits - plus experience the support of an amazing community!

You wake up feeling energized and excited for the day to come! You jump out of bed, those pains-of-old no longer pestering you, and when you go to your closet, no longer do you have to figure out which outfit will best hide your bulges or which shirt is long enough to cover up your behind. Your breakfast is delicious and gives you energy and your mind present. You have the strength to pick up the kids or grandkids and the energy to run and play with them.

Members of our Fitsya Lifestyle Challenge have found how easy it is to sculpt the body of their dreams. They are full of energy and better enjoy the time spent with their family and friends. No longer do they say, "I'm too tired to go," or "I'm sore and achy." They feel confident as they enter a room and when they walk down the street! Most importantly, they know what a shining example they are to those in their lives that look up to them or worry about them.


Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm a busy mom of 4 kids and the founder of the Fitsya Lifestyle Challenge. If you're like me with a busy household and lifestyle, you're probably always looking for ways to feed your family healthy meals but also lose weight and have enough energy to play with my kids.

I was overweight and feeling sluggish, so I wanted to slim down. I lacked the will power needed to stay on any program or diet. I didn't see quick results because I have a body-type that does not let go of the pounds very easily. I would quickly get frustrated and quit whatever I was trying at the time.

And I spent 1000's of dollars over 15 years trying out all the different diet and weight loss programs out there. If I were to total the cost of all the things I tried, it would be embarrassingly high.

I knew I needed to start eating healthier so I developed a system of 7 daily habits with a group of friends and I started following those habits daily.

Guess what? It worked! I lost over 50 pounds and I now have more energy. My family has better health too.

Now you can benefit from my system too! My friends said this was too good to not share, so I'm making it available and you can get support and have the opportunity to lose weight, have fun AND win great prizes.


Crush The Cravings!

"I love it when I go and have a Venti Smores Frap at Starbucks for my treat day and I don’t even want to finish the whole thing. And no more cravings for second helpings! I am finally creating long-term healthy habits!"


As one of the foundations of the Fitsya Lifestyle Challenge, here is an introduction to the 7 daily habits. As a challenger, you'll get more in-depth knowledge and information as to how these work with your body and lifestyle to lose weight, keep it off and stay healthy!

Eating fruits and vegetables as a staple in our diet keeps us healthy overall. It helps to combat illness, gives us energy and is critical for weight loss.

The importance of exercise cannot be stressed enough. Our bodies were simply not made to be still. Benefits include stronger muscles, less aches and pains as we age, reduced risk for a million diseases or conditions.

Avoid junk food, simple carbs and sugars! Here's the thing, no matter how much we love these foods, they are not good for us, period.

Taking time every day to clear your mind and focus on positive aspects of life, inspirational things, or nothing at all, is shown to positively affect your health and weight.

Water makes up an average of 57-65% of our bodies. Because we sweat and eliminate continuously, we need to replace it. So drink plenty of it!

Teaming up with others to lose weight is more effective than trying to go it alone. Members of support groups are able to find camaraderie and share ideas.

Journal the food that you eat daily. Journaling is effective and helpful for anyone trying to get her health under control.

Lose Weight, Have Fun and Win Prizes!

Create the body, health and lifestyle that will finally reflect that strong, flexible, and beautiful person that you are. Invest in yourself and your transformation. Now is your time and you are ready for it!


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Here's A Look Inside
The Fitsya Challenge Community:

We're a group of like-minded women that support each other and the community to eat healthy, live healthy and lose weight. We love to have fun, while challenging each other with NO drama! Many of us are moms and lead busy lifestyles. We'd love you to join us!

1) Complete access to the 7 Healthy Habits Success Guide:

Proven to help you lose weight, get healthy, and feel great.

  • Learn how many servings of fruit and veggies you need per day for optimum health AND weight loss
  • How to find time to exercise and LOVE it
  • The REAL truth about sugar and what other foods you need to avoid
  • Why it is critical to take time every day to clear your mind
  • The big surprise I got from journaling (and you can too!)
  • How much water do we REALLY need per day and why

2) A Personal Invitation Into Our Private Community.

This is a community of friendly and supportive challengers to help keep you encouraged and inspired. The accountability and caring is what makes this group so great! We motivate each other, share in our wins and gently push each other to succeed.

3) The Opportunity To Compete for Prizes:

Each 30-Day period will bring new opportunities to win! You'll not only be getting healthy and losing weight, but you'll be entered to win great prizes and cash too! With a $200 cash Grand Prize as well as other Random Prizes, you'll have lots of help to keep you motivated and having fun.

4) Fitness and Nutrition Plans:

Coming Soon...

5) Challenges and Badges:

We all love to receive acknowledgements. Fitsya challenges have fun badges and you can earn points that can win prizes and in the future there will be swag, such as water bottles, journals and workout gear. Every day you will be presented with a challenge and you'll keep track of your progress and earn fun badges while feeling great and losing weight!

End The Struggle!

If you have ever struggled with finding the time to dedicate to changing your body and health, spent years trying to lose weight and have gone through one diet plan after another – only to end up feeling discouraged because it was too hard,
THIS is for you!


How It Works:

"The health challenge is fun. It is a GREAT motivator! It's a program well done!
Thank you for all your work!"

~ Maryann W.

How to Overcome Your Fear of SellingGenerate Revenue and Create Lasting Client Relationships Without Sacrificing Your Authenticity

Here's everything you get when you
Join The Fitsya Lifestyle 30-Day Challenge:

1. Complete access to the 7 Healthy Habits Success Guide
2. A Personal Invitation Into Our Private Community
3. The Opportunity To Compete for Prizes
4. Fitness and Nutrition Plans
5. Challenges and Badges


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Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect in the Fitsya 30-Day Challenge? +

The Fitsya 30-Day Challenge will work for you if you follow the guidelines and make the effort. While we cannot promise that you will achieve a specific result, many of our participants have lost over 10lbs during their Fitsya Challenges and some have been able to stop taking certain medications because they've gained their health back. (*NOTE - Never discontinue medications without consulting your doctor)

What if I have more weight to lose after 30 days? +

This is a lifestyle, not a sprint. We encourage you to keep doing consecutive challenges until you feel like this healthy lifestyle is part of your normal routine. In fact, if you purchase our yearly plan, you'll save a full 3 months!

Is the Fitsya 30-Day Challenge really 30 days or is it 4 weeks? +

The challenge is 30 days! Day 1 is reporting Measurements and weight. Then 4 weeks of points collecting (28 days) The 30th day is for measurements and weight reporting again, for a total of 30 days.

How do I earn points? +

Simply by completing the Healthy 7 Daily Habits. Each habit that is completed will earn you points. These points will be reported daily and accumulated. Each week there will be a prize given for a random draw, sometimes based on these points.

Is there another way to earn prizes other than accumulating points? +

Yes! Some random prizes will be drawn for those who simply report. And… there is a first place prize given to the highest percentage of weight lost and the end of the 30 days.

Why do I need to earn points? +

Because these points are given for developing healthy habits which will contribute to overall health and wellness, as well as an increase in energy and weight loss. The conscious accumulation of these points are the reason many people have achieved their weight loss goals in a very easy way that is not the result of a crazy diet or expensive food plans and excessive exercise.

What people are saying:

"The health challenge is fun. It is a GREAT motivator! It's a program well done!
Thank you for all your work!"

~ Maryann W.

"I love it when I go and have a Venti Smores Frap at Starbucks for my treat day and I don't even want to finish the whole thing. And no more cravings for second helpings! I am finally creating long-term healthy habits!"

~Jenny S.